Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 12: A typical day in the life of alice.

I'm not quite sure I have a set day-to-day routine, apart from going to work... I drive to Vienna metro and ride 13 stops to Gallery Place/Chinatown and walk to work, where I do my contracting stuff (although soon, it's going to be business operations/intelligence stuff) from 8am to 5:30pm, with a few snack breaks and teasing between coworkers and over-the-cubicle-partition jam sessions with the guy who sits adjacent to me, who happens to have a beautiful voice.

I metro back, drive back (sometimes with my room mate, since we both metro).. and then from there I'm either going to cook dinner, smoke hookah, have a jam session with my friends, shower, write, play piano, draw, read and/or just watch movies/TV and go to sleep. :) A simple life. There are days when I have performances scheduled (for which I am thankful that it happens pretty often), or days I meet up with friends, of course. And weekends are dedicated to sleep, since I don't get much of it during the weekdays.

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  1. And now your stalkers can perfect their stalking <3 LOL JK SORT OF NOT RLLY. LUV U.