Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 07: What is my dream job, and why?

Oh, god, I have so many dream jobs I would like.

Firstly is anything in performance arts. Broadway, acting, singing. I've only done school productions of acting stuff, but holy crap, acting is fun. Delivery, timing, chemistry between actors, and of course, outtakes. I think I would actually enjoy it more than being a performer (i.e. music). But my ambitions ever since I found out I could sing always rested in being a performer. Singing and dancing on stage gives me a rush that nothing else can. Same with playing piano. The last time I played piano for an audience (without just using it as self-accompaniment) was in college, and man, I miss it. Piano requires a precision and agility of the hands that demands a kind of concentration that singing just doesn't...

Secondly is anything in taking care of animals. Not veterinary sciences--too technical for me. But if I could, say, train the dolphins at aquariums, or look after penguins at some environmental preservation park, or feed the manta/sting rays in the waters of the Bahamas, I would absolutely love it. Animals are so much better than humans.

Third is somewhat related to the former. I would love to do something in marine biology. We know more about outer space than we do about our own oceans, and I think that's so wicked. I would love to know what kind of crazy shit lives miles below sea level.

Fourth--which is probably the most realistic--is something in intelligence analysis and/or criminal investigation. I love putting pieces of puzzles together and drawing correlations and conclusions.

Fifthly, I would love to be a writer. Whether it's in journalism or writing my own novel, I've always considered the demonstration of exercise over language a trait to be revered. I want to create characters and tell stories that gets readers involved and invested.

Also if there's a job where I just get paid to try out food, I'd love that. A professional eater.

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