Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Plans for the rest of 2014" - revisited in 2017.

I came across this old blog post I did three years ago that listed the plans I had for 2014, and I am rather...bemused. The blue text is the original post from May 2014; anything in black was written today, August 10, 2017.

I plan on...
  • getting my credit card balance down to almost $0 by the end of this year. I have completely max'ed out my limit as of now, at the end of April, after spending moneys upon moneys on graduation gifts, birthday shenanigans, and just treating people to food in general. 
    • This ended up not even happening until 2017. I kept a steady credit card balance of a few thousand dollars (!!!) due to my fiscal irresponsibility. Who let me have a credit card with such high limits when I was in my early 20's?! ugh. 
  • foregoing my MBA this Fall, due to the sad fact that I still have about $30,000 in student loans as well as a barely-livable salary and an apartment in Fairfax County. 
    • I did end up foregoing my MBA, and I wasn't able to enroll in my deferred semester (Fall 2015) either. My student loans are down to only about $20,000, but my salary is almost double what it was! Not that that's saying much, of course. My 2014 salary was pretttttty low.
  • leaving my position as an Intern for DHS and getting into a permanent and higher-paying position, whether it be in public or private sector. 
    • I left DHS, but I ended up having to work retail/service for a bit. Noodles & Company and The Limited (women's fashion store) were my life for a few months. I ended up getting a job at U.S. Dept of the Interior as a contractor in December of 2014, though, and I stayed with them until June of 2017! I left for yet another higher paying job that I'm at now with the Defense Health Agency.
  • getting my body fat down to 11% (I have no idea what it is right now but I'm fairly sure it's not below 15%); I don't really want to gain muscle either, so that might just end up becoming 10-15 pounds to lose.
    • lmao this ended up completely failing. I gained a lot of weight in 2016 from caretaker depression (being my late father's caretaker for over a year really took a toll on me), and I have yet to lose that weight. I will now have to lose about 30-35 pounds.
  • going crabbing at least three times a month May through September.
    • I did go crabbing about 3x a month between May and August, and only because I wanted to bring home some crabs for my cousin to eat--his favorite food. He ended up passing away in August, though, and I think I found it difficult to go crabbing after his death. The season was already kind of winding down, anyway.
  • buying an actual box/frame for my mattress.
    • This finally happened in like December of 2014. I got a big-ass box for my mattress, this clunky black piece from Ikea with four drawers.
  • finishing at least two pieces of artwork.
    • nope. How hard is it?!
  • cutting certain people out of my life--and not pussyfooting around it, either.
    • I did actually cut a certain person out of my life--but only temporarily, because I missed her too much, and I loved her very much. It took her being somewhat inconsiderate of my cousin's passing in August for me to cut her out, and then my uncle passed away in November and I really needed someone there for me, so for selfish reasons, I wanted and needed her back in my life.
  • working harder to keep certain people in my life--and not pussyfooting around it, either.
    • I don't know how well I did this in 2014, but I definitely didn't do it well enough in 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Got into petty arguments, didn't care what people thought ("if they're mad, let them be mad").
  • watching all of Orange Is the New Black. I haven't started it yet, but I hear it's a good show.
    • I did at the time. But now, I have yet to finish even Season 2. :(
  • finishing the rest of Community and Weeds. Bonus: get through at least the second and third season of Glee.
    • I believe I didn't finish either Community nor Weeds. I did get through season 2 and a part of season 3 of Glee, though.
  • getting a tattoo of an octopus or starfish on my shoulder or hip.
    • Still hasn't happened. I have a tattoo of Gyarados on my hip right now, though.
  • writing the lyrics to and recording my voice for at least three original tracks--one of which I'm going to be rapping on. I know, I've only ever presented myself as a pianist or singer, but I really admire spoken word and rap and want to learn more about it.
    • Nope. Too shy. :/
  • taking a walk by myself during a big thunderstorm around my neighborhood.
    • This seems like a really reckless goal? 2014 me, what were you gonna do if you got struck by lightning??
  • making a spontaneous trip to a beach by myself--probably Virginia Beach or Outer Banks or even Ocean City. Who knows? It'll be spontaneous, after all.
    • It was never spontaneous, but I have done several beach trips between 2014 and now, and with close friends :)
  • getting something (less controversial) published on ThoughtCatalog again.
    • I did! But it wasn't until 2016 that it happened.

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