Monday, May 8, 2017

SmileDirectClub - Part 1 (my first box and set of aligners)

My aligners came in the mail late last week--meaning it only took about ten days from the day I went in for my scan appointment until I received the physical aligners! In the meantime, they did also send me an e-mail with a 3D animated model of how my teeth were going to slowly adjust to get to the smile I want. That was pretty cool to see! My treatment duration is also going to be 6.5 months.

This is the box that I received:

And here's what's inside (a bit messed up from me ravaging the contents like a beast because I was really excited):

So this first box comes with two months' worth of aligners.  There are four bags total (I already got started on Aligner 1 by the time I took this photo). Each bag you see below contains an aligner for your upper teeth and an aligner for your lower teeth, and you are to wear them for two weeks at a time.

I'm not sure if it differs person to person, but for me, it said that I was to wear my aligners for 22 hours a day. Just before the eight weeks are up, I'll have my next box in the mail! I'm getting 13 aligners total.

There's also a little baggie of tools to help you with your aligners--taking them out (the purple stick thing, which has hooks on either end), filing them down in case they're too sharp anywhere (the popsicle stick looking thing), and some "Chewies" that you can chew on after you put on your aligners to help them really get into place. They look like ear plugs, and they're in the white bag. They actually kinda help me with my "teething" sensation, so I like to chew on them just because.

You also get five vials of Glo whitening gel. Each vial can be used four times, so 20 applications. This is supposedly a 3-month (90 day) supply; one vial should last you about 2-3 weeks. By that math, I guess you should apply once every 4-5 days. You can always order more (and not just from SmileDirectClub), but these first five vials are complementary with your SDC order. Also, it's recommended you only use 5 vials in a 90-day period, because otherwise, it makes your teeth sensitive.

Sephora's product page also says that Glo is gluten-free, latex-free, alcohol-free, vegan, and safe for people who have penicillin, nut, and soy allergies. (also, don't pay attention to the 1-star reviews, honestly. They're just whining about how the vials aren't shaped very well or some stupid shit like that, and not actually reviewing the efficacy of the product).

And last but not least, the container for your aligners! If you're ever not wearing your aligners (which is when you eat and when you're brushing your teeth and when you're drinking pretty much anything that's not water), you're supposed to put them in here after you take them off and rinse them with cold water.


So today is day 2 of wearing my first set of aligners, and... it's pretty uncomfortable, I'll tell ya. I keep having this urge to chew on something. I feel like I'm teething! And I keep wanting to just claw them out and go back to my life of crooked-ass teeth. But no pain, no gain. Since they're doing a lot of work in a shorter amount of time than traditional braces, you can definitely expect some discomfort. The aligners are literally pushing and pulling against your teeth, so it's right at the horrible line between discomfort and pain. I just took some extra strength Tylenol to help me go to sleep last night. When I first took them out to eat, my teeth felt "spacey," kinda like when you push your arms straight against a doorframe really hard for 30 seconds and then step out to feel them "floating." I'm not sure how else to describe it lol. I'm pretty sure the pain will subside in a few days. And I'm pretty sure it'll hurt just as bad again when I'm onto my next set of aligners. 1 day down, 181 more to go. :'(

From reading other reviews about SDC, I've heard that they sometimes have an issue with responsiveness and also with sending their aligners on time. I guess we'll see by month three if this happens, since the first two months' worth of aligners have already been sent to me in this box.

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